Welcome to "The Long Distance Kitchen"!

Welcome to "The Long Distance Kitchen"! I'm Kenny Francoeur.

I believe that food from scratch is best, good baking and cooking are next to godliness, and that there is nothing quite so classy as "nomming" on cold cuts in bed whilst watching "The Great British Baking Show".

These are pictures of me in my natural habitat: (right) maniacally laughing at food I'm going to devour, and (left) getting intimate with ham steak. I feel like we are close enough for you to see that.

For the last five years, I've traveled and worked all over the country performing and touring in different musical productions, never sitting in one place longer than two months, living in and out of hotels and AirBnB's. I am currently the dance captain on The Book of Mormon Broadway National Tour and have gotten the distinct pleasure of setting up artistic residency in some of North America's finest food destinations.

"The Long Distance Kitchen" is my love letter to the privilege of traveling that I've been able to enjoy and to the delicious eats I've shot-gunned along the way. This blog will be paired with a video series featuring step by step videos of replications of local dishes from different tour stops on my travels, but also feature dishes made from and inspired by local, unique ingredients. This blog will do the same, but will also include other recipes and tips I pick up along my travels and I may or may not include some horror stories of trying to...I don't know...attempt deep frying in the kitchen of a Candlewood Suites.

I have a very simple credo: make it from scratch, eat until the plate is clean, and do it with people you love. Or at least like.

Be sure to check back in on NOVEMBER 13th for our first episodes and blog posts!

Welcome to my "Long Distance Kitchen".

Let's nail it,


*photos courtesy of Jake Emmerling

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